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S. Francis Smitheman, ATD BA Hons FRSA,(1927-2016)

About the Artist

The marine artist Smitheman has had works exhibited in London and the provinces, in France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the USA. His lengthy studies as a painter included a scholarship to Paris. Later he took a second degree in the History of European Art at the Courtauld Institute of the University of London.

He has many works in private collections, on board ships and in museums. His career has also included lecturing at graduate level and a number of years designing for the theatre. In between, he has gained sailing experience in his own boats in UK waters and, more extensively, in the Mediterranean. Working with ship's trusts and museums he has recreated many of the world’s great historic ships in their legendary settings and his work has now travelled world wide.

At a major exhibition in France, on his nomination as L'Artiste d'Honneur, the Voix du Nord stated: Like his illustrious predecessor Turner, Francis Smitheman knows the sea and sailing perfectly and endeavours to give his work authenticity. One finds all the world of sea in his works, the ports, the craft, the human activities on board, tempestuous seas and arctic wastes.


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Work signed by the artist S. Francis Smitheman. That was auctioned by The Royal Mint.

The Battle of Trafalgar - The Decisive Action.